Make your employees feel

Lytt makes it easy and safe for employees to communicate sensitive topics at work.

The easiest way to raise concerns

Lytt is a digital assistant that helps employees to speak up when something is not right.​ After talking to Lytt, employees are forwarded to the right contact person to get help from internal and external confidants anonymously.

Insights for a healthy and inclusive workplace

Companies use Lytt to uncover blind spots early on and to protect the wellbeing of their employees.

Lytt is a great solution to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace. By creating a safe space, Lytt helps to identify blind spots early on, reduce the harmful impact of bias and increase productivity. Lytt was part of the Google for Startup Program in the cohort July 2019.

Mayra Frank

Global Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Google for Startups

You are in good company

Lytt helps all industries to create and establish a sustainable culture of trust.

Move more with committed and satisfied employees in the non-profit sector

The secret recipe for an outstanding corporate culture in the hospitality industry