Looking for a new challenge? Become lytt!​​

About Lytt: What we do

Meet Lytt, the digital assistant that helps employees address sensitive topics at work and guarantees easy and safe access to help at any time. We strive to support employees in difficult situations and thereby fight injustice in the workplace with Lytt. By helping employers to identify and solve conflicts early-on, Lytt makes company cultures more inclusive, healthy and productive.

Lytt was founded in 2019 by Lara and Marvin who met during their studies. Due to a personal incident at work, they started looking deeper into reporting solutions for employees. How could those affected by harassment, discrimination or mental health issues get help without the fear of retaliation or other negative consequences? Their research was backed up with the insights of the Institute of Psychology of the University of Münster and the idea for Lytt was born.

By the way, our name “Lytt” is Norwegian and means “to listen”, which reflects our mission that every employee’s voice should be heard.

Our values: Why we do it​

We are a diverse team, but we have one thing in common: We love humanity, equity and technology. At the same time, we value independence, team spirit and mutual development. We are convinced that we can use technology and science to prevent misconduct in the workplace. We are proud of our diverse and inclusive workplace and we offer equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of origin, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disability.

Have an impact​

We want to shape the working world of tomorrow. Social sustainability is our main principle.​

Be yourself​

We worship diversity in every dimension. Bringing new perspectives to the team is a huge plus when applying.

Contribute to growth​

From intern to founder, everyone at Lytt is important and gets to work on significant projects for the company. ​

Do you have further questions?

Take the initiative and get in touch with Henning to talk about your opportunities with us.

Henning Bittscheidt