3 out of 4 feel insecure and fear disadvantage

Three out of four people who experienced sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying incidents did not report because of insecurity and fear of disadvantage.[1,2]


Every fifth employee is affected

Every year, every fifth employee experiences discrimination, harassment or bullying in the workplace.[3]

The costs of interpersonal conflicts

Each mobbing incident costs companies an average of 25,000 €.[4]

Decline in performance & productivity

Sick Leave
Employees who suffer from bullying have twice as many sick days.[6]
35% ​
Employees exposed to psychological stress in the workplace claim to be 35% less productive.[8]
Working hours​
15% of daily working hours in Germany are affected by conflicts.[9]

Personnel Turnover

Women who have been harassed are 6.5 times more likely to change jobs than women who have not been harassed.[5]
Personnel fluctuation
Mobbing increases staff turnover by a factor of 1.7.[6]
Gender Equality
80% of female workers would change employer if another company offered better gender equality.[7]


Revenue through innovation
Companies with high diversity in the management team achieve 1.7 times as much revenue through innovation as those with low diversity.[10]
10,000 €
Opportunity costs
Lack of Diversity & Inclusion Management costs companies €10,000 per employee.[11]
Concrete benefits
67% of German companies state that there are concrete benefits associated with targeted diversity measures.[12]

Your commitment is in demand

4 out of 5 employees would like to see more commitment from their employer in dealing with harassment, discrimination and bullying in the workplace.[6]

Desire for digital consultation

58% of employees want more digital help and consultation.[13]