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The secret recipe for an outstanding corporate culture in the hospitality industry

The quickest way to satisfied guests is through satisfied employees.


Offer excellent service with Lytt

As a traditional people business, it is particularly important for hotels and restaurants to recruit and retain qualified personnel – despite the increasing shortage of skilled workers.

When companies commit themselves to the health and satisfaction of their employees, this not only strengthens their attractiveness as employers, but also has a positive effect on guest satisfaction. Because committed and happy employees are the cornerstone of excellent service.

Lytt is ready to listen if your employees need help or have something on their hearts that would otherwise be lost in the stressful daily routine of the hospitality industry. In this way you can identify dissatisfaction at an early stage and reduce staff turnover and sick days through targeted measures.

Working Climate

Thanks to Lytt, conflicts can be identified at an early stage and resolved through targeted measures.

Mental Health

Through Lytt, employees can communicate and receive support on topics such as stress, worries and work-life balance.

“It is part of every good culture of trust to be able to offer the possibility of anonymously communicating concerns in case of doubt. In this way, we can work more purposefully on improving our collaboration and services. The Lytt team has proven to be a competent and reliable partner in both integration and ongoing support”.

Sven-Olaf Gerdt
CEO - Meeressterne GmbH

Three good reasons why Meeressterne chose Lytt

Lytt strengthens the employer brand

Finding good personnel for the holiday homes of sea stars on Usedom can sometimes be difficult. With the introduction of Lytt, Meeressterne is sending a clear signal for fair and respectful cooperation within the company.

Greater employee commitment

Meeressterne would like to involve its employees more closely in order to identify potential conflicts at an early stage and work together on solutions.

Improving collaboration

As part of their culture of trust, Meeressterne offers all employees the opportunity to anonymously voice concerns in case of doubt. In this way, cooperation is systematically improved and service optimised.