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More movement with satisfied employees

Your employees want to make a difference. With a good corporate culture, you can keep their backs on it.

Moving something with Lytt

Many employees in the non-profit sector bring their own motivation with them. The success of a company depends largely on this commitment – a good corporate culture is therefore the key to satisfied and valuable employees. Especially when companies represent strong values, it is particularly important that they are lived. Benefit from the suggestions of your employees and set a good example as a company. This not only strengthens your attractiveness as an employer, but also has a positive effect on the health and commitment of your employees. Lytt is ready to listen when your employees need help or have something on their hearts that would otherwise go under in stressful everyday life. In this way you can identify dissatisfaction at an early stage and implement targeted measures to implement suggestions and combat injustice.

Promoting Engagement

Thanks to Lytt, organisations can better involve their employees and respond appropriately to their suggestions.

Living values

With Lytt, companies and organisations are sending a clear signal for fair and respectful cooperation.

“At the Bertelsmann Stiftung, a culture of open feedback and trust is very important to us. Nevertheless, there are situations in which employees wish to provide confidential, secure and anonymous information about possible misconduct within the organisation. In this context, Lytt supports us in giving all employees a voice in all situations.

Christina Zeyen
Vice President HR & Legal - Bertelsmann Foundation

Three good reasons why the Bertelsmann Foundation chose Lytt

Reacting correctly

Lytt enables the Bertelsmann Stiftung to respond in an ethically correct manner to reports from its employees and to jointly develop solutions.

Empowering Employees

A particularly valuable function in everyday life is that employees can simply ask Lytt for advice in difficult situations if they are unsure how to classify their concerns. This enables both the affected person and the observer to receive first aid and to take the first step more frequently.

Setting an example for a Speak-up culture

Open communication and a culture of trust are fundamental values of the Bertelsmann Stiftung. With Lytt, in addition to personal communications, the organisation is now pursuing an innovative approach that encourages even more employees to take the floor.