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That's why we're here.

With Lytt, we have set ourselves the goal of fighting social injustice in the workplace. Many people ask themselves “who can I turn to in confidence?” when they experience discrimination and other forms of disadvantage in the workplace and do not speak up. A large part of all grievances is still endured out of a lack of discretion and fear of further discrimination that goes along with it.

We believe that something must change.

With Lytt, we have developed the first digital assistant, through which employees can anonymously and securely communicate misconduct, concerns and feedback and receive help in a protected dialogue. Companies that introduce Lytt clearly position themselves for a fair and respectful cooperation and thus give their employees an open ear – anytime and anywhere.

Numbers, data, facts

of employees have committed some form of harassment or discrimination in the workplace.

Destatis (Qualität der Arbeit), 2017

of cases are not reported due to lack of discretion and lack of trust.
Executive Secretary Magazine, 2017
as long ill. Employees suffer primarily from health problems at the workplace.
Executive Secretary Magazine, 2017
of people want more competence in dealing with discrimination in the workplace.
Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency, 2015

How we think and act

We are hungry for new knowledge and firmly believe that technology and science are vital to preventing injustice in the workplace. That’s why we always question the status quo and look for answers from users, customers, experts and our own team. The response from customers and institutes (e.g. the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy) illustrates the need for our product.

The Name

When we started our studies in Copenhagen, the idea of a digital confidant for employees did not let go of us. So we took a heart and moved back to Germany – but not without taking something with us from Denmark.

“Lytt” comes from the Scandinavian language and means “to listen”.

Both the name and our logo should reflect the vision and history of our goal.

Our Logo

The Founders

We, Lara von Petersdorff-Campen and Marvin Homburg, graduated together from WWU in Münster and then moved to Copenhagen Business School for our Master’s degree. Driven by our vision, we quickly returned to Germany and want to revolutionize corporate culture with our digital solution.

We are currently in the current batch of the Founders Foundation, one of the top accelerators in Germany.

The product

The decision for a digital assistant was made on the basis of the many interviews we conducted with patients and employees. Nowadays, people like to communicate content in a conversational way and prefer the dialog-like chat function with our solution.

Responsible for Press & PR

Hakan Housein
Hakan Housein